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B.Voc in Travel & Tourism

About us

Tourism is important in fostering the economic development of any country, as apart from being an employment driver, it is a vehicle for promoting sustainability, peace and harmony as well. Currently, Tourism contributes around 6% to the GDP of India. It contributed 4.2 crore jobs in the year 2019, which is a significant 8.1 per cent of the total employment in the country. With the growth in Aviation, Rail and Roadways and increasing digitalization, the sector is poised for a revolutionary growth in turnover.

Department of Bachelors of Vocation- Travel & Tourism Management at the Jai Hind College, initiated in the year 2015, prepares students for a promising career in the field of Travel and Tourism, in the Hospitality sector and in Travel Entrepreneurship. The program is a MHRD -UGC sanctioned Vocational Degree, which has been aligned with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) guidelines and National Occupational Standards (NOS) of the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Sector (THSC).

The BVoc -Travel and Tourism Management Program has received immense support from the industry players such as the MTDC, Thomas Cook, Veena World, T2 GVK, Kesari Travels, Sterling Holidays, Pugmarks, Kuoni Travels, Mercury Travels, Wanderlust and several others. The degree is at par with all the other degrees offered by the MHRD and the UGC. It is a work integrated course that allows a student to intern with the companies and pursue Tourism education simultaneously. The course additionally offers exit options, with provision for a Diploma after a year and an Advanced Diploma after two years, in case of student not being able to pursue the course for three years for the Degree. A Degree in Travel & Tourism Management teaches students about Tourism concepts, theories, practical case studies, Tour Packaging, Tourism Marketing, Travel Agency Management, Heritage and Art linked Tourism, Tourism Economics, Destination management, Sustainability, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Digital marketing, Brand Building in Tourism and Entrepreneurial aspects. The department runs short certificate courses of 30 hours on Cruise Tourism, Wine Tourism, Travel Photography, Art Appreciation and Destination Training and a Diploma on Adventure Tourism.

Head of the Department

Dr Archana Mishra, a full-time faculty in the Department of History, is the Head of the Department of ‘BVoc-Travel & Tourism Management’ Program. Passionate about shaping young minds into talented and competent work professional, it was she who launched this Degree course in the first place and has brought it to this level in a short span of -----years. Dr Archana keeps taking innovative initiatives for the students through various Programs, courses and activities in order to familiarise and to sensitise them to the best practices in the industry. She is constantly motivating them to keep growing with a hands-on learning approach. She is also the Co-Coordinator of the IQAC Research Criteria, the Coordinator for International Relations Level-II Course and a member of the Teachers’ Academic Forum (TAF).

From the HOD’s desk

Qualification: MA, PhD, UGC NET & SET qualified, Diploma in Journalism
Specialization: Early Indian History, Contemporary World History, Contemporary Indian History, Research Methodology, Sustainable Tourism, Culture Studies, BVoc-Travel & Tourism Skill courses framework.

“Come live your passion for travel- make Travel and Tourism a career”. Right from the start in 2015, the department has been at the forefront of right industry collaboration and networking in order to provide the best opportunities to the students, who joined this course with passion and merit. The students from our very first batch till now have shown remarkable energy and drive to achieve several milestones and have undergone tremendous transformation during their internships, Industry related projects and on recruitment. Particularly at the Mumbai T2 Airport, Hotel industry like Vivanta by Taj, The Oberoi and the companies like Thomas Cook and Veena World, our students were appreciated for their drive, innovative thinking and leadership skills. The department has an inclusive approach and we believe in motivating and actively charting a career path for our students. The teaching -learning environment is dynamic and hands on through site visits, case studies and industry projects.

With over 250 internships since 2015 until now, nearly 100% placement with some students opting for Higher Education, the department has worked from beginning to match the objectives of the course and has in fact been recognised by the Skill sector and the travel and tourism industry. The students have been well received by the industry in various job profiles. We are glad to share that two of our students from 2019 batch have set up travel companies of their own. It is remarkable that at such a young age, they showed up passion to look beyond the available jobs.

Both, I and my colleague in the department, Ms Tanvi, believe in growing ourselves and our students constantly, by undertaking right courses, workshops, innovative engagement to bring the best expertise and knowledge for the department programs and for the students’ growth, in order to shape them into capable professionals, suited for the travel and tourism industry of the future. The activities of the department, such as the Symposia on World Tourism Day, the Voyage fest of the department and the inter collegiate seminar and quiz, Sports events and Cultural program provide ample opportunities to our students to hone their organisational and leadership skills.

We welcome all passionate travel enthusiasts to make their passion a career by combining right knowledge with right skills.

Objectives of the Department

  • To prepare work ready graduates with adequate and relevant knowledge about the industry and adequate and quality skill training for the Travel and Tourism and allied sectors

  • To build industry relevant curriculum based on the NSQF guidelines and a stakeholder approach with a Board of Studies, well represented by skill sector council, industry, academia and student representation

  • To bring quality Tourism Education by a judicious blend of well -structured training needs- based classroom teaching, workshops, online teaching sessions, case study cohorts and mentoring by the industry Professionals

  • To provide a work integrated model for graduation in order to enable students to earn while they study, through job training sessions, exposure to industry related projects and internships

  • To prepare students for Managerial roles in the Tourism service industry, for leadership roles and for Travel Entrepreneurship by training in practical aspects in setting up of a Travel firm or becoming a Tourism entrepreneur

  • Special focus on building critical thinking skills, problem solving, team working, digital, Project Management, organizational and research skills.

  • By inculcating concepts of business ethics and respect for diversity, through our events and curriculum, we foster active engagement of students to offer solutions to any adverse social impacts of tourism and to imbibe and practice a sustainable approach

Level of Awards:

The certification levels will lead to Diploma/Advanced and BVoc Degree in the area opted

Award Duration


Corresponding NSQF level


1 Semester



1 year


Advance Diploma

2 year


B.Voc. Degree

3 year


Eligibility for admission in B.Voc

The eligibility condition for admission to BVoc programme shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in nay stream.


The BVoc program is a mix of General Education (GE) and Skill components (SC). The course aims to provide a judicious mix of skills related to a profession and appropriate content of General Education. It endeavours to ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills, so that they are work ready at each exit point of the program.

NSQF Level

Skill Component Credits

General Education Credits

Normal Calendar Duration

Exit Points/Awards

Year 1



Two Semesters


Year 2



Four Semesters

Advanced Diploma

Year 3



Six Semesters

B.Voc. Degree







The Department of BVoc Travel and Tourism Management is headed by Dr Archana Mishra and managed along with co faculty in the department, Ms Tanvi More. The faculty of the department specialise in the areas of History, Contemporary India and World Heritage and Art, International Relations, Tourism, Sustainability, Communication and in Research Methodology. The department endeavours to bring innovative programs and value -added certificate courses, in partnership with the industry in order to promote the employability of the students in the industry. The department faculty for various subjects comprise the in house and industry faculty, who have given tremendous cooperation and value addition in running the program and imparting right skill training to our students.


  1. World Tourism Day Symposium: The World tourism day symposium is held every year on the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 28th. The esteemed delegates from the tourism industry are invited. They talk on the theme chosen for the World Tourism Day by the United Nations World Tourism Day and share their industry experiences with the students of the department. This symposium is being carried successfully by the department every year since 2016. The students present a cultural program on this day which is an inter college event.

  2. Voyage Fest: The Voyage is the official fest of BVOC TTM Department. The students take active part in organising the events of the fest which range from sports day, cultural events, quizzes etc.

  3. Annual Intercollegiate Student's Seminar: Seminar provides students the opportunity for various research skills, art of writing research paper and facing the competition.

  4. Sports events for World Tourism Day – A mix of indoor and outdoor games are organised by the students under guidance of College gymkhana.

  5. Short Courses

    1. Diploma in Adventure Tourism: The course aims to impart training in Adventure tourism aspects, guidelines of government and skills for trekking through the mountains, camp underneath the stars and stay with the wilds of India to make one prepared for the Adventure and Wildlife Tourism Industry. The course enables students to experience the discipline in treks, real exposure to adventure tour, survival camps and safety, psychology and communication aspects as Adventure tour guide or operator. This is a value added course for adding employability.

    2. Cruise Tourism Course: The course objective is to understand the history of cruising and how it has developed to its present form. Explore major cruise destinations and their associated itineraries; explain various types of cruise accommodation and budget categories. Acknowledge the contribution of cruise tourism towards a destination’s economy and local communities. The students were acquainted with Cruise Industry skills required. Opportunities and openings and career pathways available. Additional value added for their career and they are taken to show and acquaint them to either Angriya or Jalesh Cruises.

    3. Wine Tourism + Trip: Exploring Wine tourism destination and circuits. Differentiating between champagne and sparkling wine, wine tourism related events and career paths available. Learning how to read wine labels, and serving of wine, the course teaches how to market wine related events organized for tourists and about wine destinations. A trip is taken to Sula Vineyards, Nasik.

    4. Art Appreciation Course: Art is the first informal language of communication and to our good luck the only language that connects the world has sustained from the genesis of mankind. The course aims at proving answers to questions like why must one learn art? And also learn to appreciate art? Students get trained as art guides. They learn about the various art forms and styles and get knowledge of Art style related travel jobs

    5. Course on Travel Photography: An exhaustive course that not only introduces students to the art and craft of photography, but also explores the idea of aesthetics and how that relates to travel, both as a personal pursuit, and as a professional practice. Students acquired additional skills in photography. Handling Cameras, Choosing frames, and opening of various opportunities through travel photography.

    6. GDS (Global Distribution System) Training - This is a software used to create a Flight or Hotel PNR by all Travel Agents, Travel Agencies and Travel Companies and after creating PNR it is used to issue the Flight ticket for the same. The department organises training sessions for learning this online ticketing software. Learning and training in GDS could help better in securing a travel job and could help in setting up your own ticketing agency

  6. Workshop on Travel Writing: The workshop aims at providing students with necessary skill to have proper travel writing knowledge and write blogs on travel. Students learnt how to write travel blogs, creative aspects of writing and the practical training helped them pick up the skills. This could be an additional source of earning.

  7. Workshop on Campus to Corporate or Preparing for the Future: The workshop trains students to be ready to face the corporate world when they get fresh out of campus.

  8. Field visit to CSMVS and Bhau Daji Laud Museum, Asiatic Society, Fort walk and Gateway of India, Kanheri caves, Elephanta caves, Adventure tourism visits, and many more.

  9. Online and in class Destination Trainings - Either Veenaworld does 30 hours training or we invite DMO and they conduct the product training.

  10. Internship opportunities for students: The students of BVOC TTM Department gets chance to have industry exposure where in they get opportunity to work with esteem organizations, travel companies and get hands on training under experts. This in turn makes the ready to face the real world once they graduate from college. These internships add a special weightage to their resume thereby giving them better prospects in jobs.

  11. Placements of students: The graduated students from BVOC TTM have successfully being placed into esteemed companies of travel and hospitality industry. Some of the names include Vivanta Taj Hotels Goa, SOTC Travel Ltd, ITC Grand Maratha, Teach for India etc, Oberoi Hotel group, Mumbai International Airport Limited (T2 ). The department organises placements or recommends students.

Apart from these, there is ‘Orientation’, ‘Parents Teacher Meeting’ and a ‘Graduation Ceremony’.

Qualification Pack Assessments which means assessing your job capabilities for chosen job roles is done by assessments’ partners of Tourism and Hospitality Skill Sector (THSC) Council and if passed, student receives certification from National Skill Development Council and THSC.