The Alumni Association is not registered as a separate entity as per the advice of legal & Auditing experts for reasons related to taxation for Charitable trusts. The Alumni Association is governed by a committee which comprises of, Managing Board members, illustrious alumni, Principal, teaching & non teaching staff and is headed by the President & Chairperson. The composition of the committee is changed periodically. The day to day functioning is taken care of by the Secretary of the Association.


The Alumni Association plays a pivotal role in fostering a strong bond between the institution and its graduates. With a wide range of activities, the association ensures that the alumni remain connected to their alma mater and contribute to its growth and development. One of the most anticipated events organized by the association is the Annual Alumni Reunion, which brings together graduates from different batches, creating a platform for networking and reminiscing about their college days. Apart from reunions, the association also organizes various fundraisers to support scholarships, grants, and other initiatives benefiting current students. These fundraisers not only provide financial aid but also strengthen the sense of community among the alumni, as they come together to give back to their institution.

Another notable activity is the Leadership Series of Lectures, where accomplished alumni are invited to share their experiences and insights with current students. These lectures inspire and motivate the students, while also fostering a sense of pride and connection among the alumni. The involvement of alumni in contributing towards the infrastructural development of the institution is commendable. Many alumni generously donate funds for building new facilities, upgrading existing ones, and enhancing the overall learning environment. This contribution plays a significant role in ensuring that the institution remains at the forefront of educational excellence. Recognizing the expertise and knowledge of their graduates, the institution involves alumni as visiting faculty members. This allows students to benefit from the real-world experiences and insights shared by these professionals, creating a valuable learning experience. The Alumni Association also plays a vital role in supporting college festivals by engaging alumni as sponsors. Their financial contributions and active participation add vibrancy to these events and make them more successful. This involvement not only strengthens the bond between the alumni and the institution but also provides valuable opportunities for current students to connect with successful professionals in their respective fields. To ensure effective management and decision-making, the association includes alumni representatives on the Managing Board. This representation allows alumni to actively contribute to the strategic direction and policies of the institution, bringing their expertise and perspectives to the table. Lastly, the Alumni Association keeps the global network of alumni connected to their alma mater through a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter serves as a platform to share updates about the institution, highlight alumni achievements, and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration. It fosters a strong sense of community and ensures that alumni remain connected and engaged, even if they are physically distant.

In conclusion, the Alumni Association’s activities encompass a wide range of initiatives that aim to strengthen the bond between the institution and its graduates. From annual reunions to fundraisers, leadership lectures to infrastructural development, involvement as visiting faculty to sponsoring college festivals, representation on the Managing Board to a quarterly newsletter, these activities create a thriving network of alumni who continue to contribute to the growth and success of their alma mater.


The very popular Newsletter of the Alumni Association titled “Circle of Friendship ” is released digitally to the entire global database of Alumni as a quarterly magazine. The Newsletter has completed five successful years of its journey & the readership is scaling new heights.

Notable Alumni

Mr Sunil Dutt

Film Star & politician

Dr R A Mashelkar

Renowned scientist

Mr Ajay Piramal


Mr Ashwin Dani


Mr Piyush Goyal

Union minister

Ms Supriya Sule


Ms Neeta Lulla

Fashion designer

Ms Aishwarya Rai

Ms World & Bollywood star

Ms Priyanka Chopra

Ms World and Hollywood & Bollywood star

Mr John Abraham

Bollywood star

Mr Shaan Mukherjee

Leading singer

Mr Vishal Dadlani

Music composer & singer

Ms Kiara Advani

Bollywood star

Ms Garima Arora

Michelin star Chef

Mr Atul Khatri

Stand up comedian

Prof NW Shivdasani

Former Principal & Academician.

Mr Hafeez Contractor

Top notch architect

Mr Tanmay Bhatt

Stand up comedian

Dr. Ashok Ganguly

Corporate Leader