The history of Jai Hind College library dates back to 1948 with the inception of Jai Hind College. The library was named in 1969 as the “T.M. Advani Memorial Library” in loving memory of the late Principal T.M. Advani.

The library has a rich collection of books consisting of a wide variety and subscribes to daily journals, periodicals, and magazines. The library also has a comprehensive reference collection of encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, atlases, etc.

The Dewey decimal classification system is followed to classify books in the library. The library has provided Open Access Facility since the 90s. It has a wide range of novels in different languages and other light reading materials catering to diverse interests. The library collection includes languages such as English, Marathi, Hindi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, and French.

The library has a Reading Room Committee to support the functioning of the library and facilitate its development plans by advocating library development activities. The committee’s structure is as follows: Chairperson – Librarian; Members – teaching staff members from different streams and students. The purpose of the Reading Room Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the library and its users.

The library uses SLIM21 software and is a fully computerized library with online functional modules like book acquisition, circulation, catalog, serials, etc. The E-Library consists of e-journals, online access to the subscribed print journals, theses, teachers’ publications, lectures, seminar/conference proceedings, links of open access e-books suggested by teachers, in-house publications, etc. The E-Library is accessible on the intranet. The library provides free access to its members.

The library provides access to NLIST. All e-resources subscribed for the college under the NLIST project are now accessible to the library through the NLIST website. Remote access to these resources includes databases, e-journals, and e-books accessible to faculty, students, and researchers free of cost. Library members have to register to avail the N List personal user ID and password. The registration link for this membership is provided separately. Accessing and downloading articles is possible directly from the publishers’ websites. Jai Hind Library has been featured in the Top 10 users list of NLIST.

Library Services and Best Practices

  • Exclusive Collection
  • Digital Library (CD-ROM collection)
  • Special collection of Sindhi language (Print & Digital)
  • Anti-Plagiarism Software
  • E-Library (Teacher’s publication, thesis, suggested e-books, articles on INTRANET)
  • Open Access since 1993
  • Institutional Repository
  • Display of recent Additions
  • Theme Displays
  • Virtual Book Displays with Open access e book link / N-List books
  • Air -conditioned Reading Room
  • Staff Study Corner
  • Cubicle for students
  • Discussion table for students for group study
  • Internet Access/ Printing/ Computer access for study
  • Library webpage
  • Access to N-List
  • Students participation in collection development
  • Online Book Reservation
  • InterLibrary Loan
  • Automated circulation
  • Use of social media to connect with library members
  • Library Internship for SNDT University, Library Science students
  • Display of withdrawn collection for department Library
  • Induction Program for new staff members
  • Library Orientations
  • Guest membership
  • Library Plus Card
  • Referral Service
  • E-Alerts / Library Updates
  • Institutional Membership
  • Class rooms for study purpose during holidays & exams
  • Automated Stock checking
  • Digital Ink Competition
  • Regular Surveys
  • Retrospective search (Digital Archive)
  • Extra books for issue
  • Fiction Fest
  • Information services SDI/CAS

Library Web OPAC

WEB OPAC provides an online database of library collections, books, journals, magazines and other materials which are accessible online 24×7.


For personalized information, Members are requested to click on My Info to get online library services like books issued till date, to find due date of the book issued, to send request of the book you wish to add in the library and to reserve a book and many more.

For use of My Info, members will get their User id and password from the Reference Desk.

Library Membership Application Form

Category Deposit/ Fees Number of Books Loan Period
STUDENTS No Membership Fees 2 home issue
1 Reference book
10 days reference
Rs. 150 Annual Fees
1 home issue
1 Journal
10 days overnight
TEACHING STAFF MEMBER No Membership Fees 20 for home issue
5 Journals
30 days
7 days
VISITING FACULTY No Membership Fees 10 home issue
1 Journals
30 days
7 days
NON TEACHING STAFF MEMBER No Membership Fees 10 home issue
1 Journals
30 days
7 days
RESEARCH SCHOLARS No Membership Fees 3 home issue
1 Reference Book
15 days reference
P G STUDENTS No Membership Fees 3 home issue
1 Reference Book
10 days reference
1 Journals
30 days
7 days
EX-STUDENTS INDIVIDUAL 20 per day 10 books for reference at a time Reference

Code of Conduct

Students using the College Library are required to observe the following rules:

1. A Library Membership Card is essential for entry.

2. Strict silence must be observed.

3. Eating and beverages are not permitted, or a fine will be charged.

4. Cell phones must be switched off, or a fine will be charged. In case of study purposes, permission must be obtained from the Reference section staff.

5. Listening to music or using cell phones with earphones is not allowed.

6. Cleanliness and neatness must be maintained.

7. No scribbling on tables or chairs. A fine will be levied.

8. Seats cannot be reserved by depositing belongings.

9. A vacated seat can be retained for a maximum period of ten minutes only.

10. No responsibility will be taken for any item left behind.

11. Students have to deposit their bags, personal books, and notebooks at the property counter against a token. Cell phones and money purses should not be kept in the bag by the students. The library staff is not responsible for any loss.


E – Resources

Jai Hind College Library Catalog (WEB OPAC for open access journals, subscribed journals)

Access to E-journals subscribed

Jai Hind College Library Webpage (Access to E Journals, E newspapers, Open access books/e journals, Virtual display of E books)

N-List Application Form (For EBooks Access)

Library Telegram Link(For Library Updates about e resources)