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From the Principal’s Desk

Autonomy – The Gateway to Excellence

The Principal : Dr (Mrs) Kirti Narain The Principal : Dr Ashok Wadia

Jai Hind, as an institution has always focused on a holistic and well-rounded approach to education, which inculcates values of curiosity, hard work and perseverance in each student as well as its staff. With Autonomy, we are one step closer to our goal of empowering students for a better tomorrow. In today’s world, we want our students to be the torch bearers and to make their own path. Here at Jai Hind, students are always pushed to be the change and define the path that they want to tread and others to follow.

This year, Jai Hind has seen commendable progress in the quality of our departments that strive to be the best for their students, and take pride in the achievements of our students who have moved forward in spheres of research and entrepreneurship. The implementation of the Star College Scheme from DBT Science to promote the importance of science at the undergraduate and school level was one of the many highlights of this academic year. Another important achievement this year was the recognition Jai Hind received by the Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for the College of Excellence in education through its NAAC Accreditation. The funding receive from this recognition under the RUSA Scheme will be channelled towards development of Entrepreneurship Culture, infrastructure and wellness of students and to promote Research. The virtual launching of the Entrepreneurship Cell by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a plethora of opportunities for our students. The Entrepreneurship Cell partnered with foreign universities to help our students get a better chance at global exposure. This year’s E-Summit saw participation from ‘start-ups’ across the country.

I believe that one must look at challenges as opportunities - and Autonomy is an evolving concept, an opportunity where there will always be room for improvement. My staff and students have taken these new change optimistically, seeing autonomy as the new horizon for growth and quality. As times change, one must learn to evolve with them. Social media and technology have become a huge part of daily life. Through ICT training our staff is better prepared for a more proactive learning system. Students must take initiative and seize every chance they get to constantly seek more knowledge and broaden their horizons. They must learn to use the gift of technology to gain more knowledge. With facilities such as free Wi-Fi, our students can use internet in a classroom setting and with the help of the teachers, make learning a fun experience. Autonomy has given us a chance to approach education in a more applicative, skill oriented manner. Through Additional Academic Activity (AAA) and Additional Activity (AA) credits, students can develop skills essential for their career and we can encourage research to become a vital part of everyday learning. With the new examination format of 60-40, we can engage in continuous assessment of students’ progression for a holistic learning experience.

The only way Jai Hind can continue to grow as an institution is through constant feedback from parents, students and the staff. Students should not become the slaves of technology or the system but instead use it effectively to their own benefit. They must invest their energy in the development of qualities that will benefit their future. I want, with autonomy, my teachers and students to become empowered visionaries and work towards building a reputation of Jai Hind which reflects our intrinsic values of inclusion, empowerment and transformation.

At Jai Hind, our primary goal has always been enrichment with education and to make that happen, teaching and non teaching staff, ensure they put in efforts to not only make our students educated individuals but also good citizens. To encourage responsibility towards the nation, we have set up ‘Campus Ambassadors’ who guide students and citizens in participating actively in our democratic process by becoming responsible voters and proactive responsible citizens. ‘Campus Health Ambassadors’ have built awareness about several issues such as breast cancer and mental and physical health. At Jai Hind College, we take college social responsibility (CSR) activity very seriously. Every program in the college is linked with some or the other social cause.

Our students have always displayed their excellence in academic spheres as well as outshine in cultural activities where they bring back laurels to college year after year. We at Jai Hind are proud of our students. They are our true ambassadors. I take this opportunity to thank parents for trusting us and giving their wards in our custody to build their future. I want to thank our proactive management, my Teachers and my Non-Teaching staff for their valuable contribution in taking Jai Hind College to this new height.

"Improvement never stops and the journey that we have started toward excellence will never end."

"My message to students would be for them to pick up the torch and light the way out of darkness into the world of excellence."

"I will and I can."

"We will and We Can"


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