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Bachelor of Information Technology (BSc IT)

Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2013 as a solitary and integrated department.

Through the development of new applications in engineering, Information Technology is radically changing the way in which we experience our world. This programme equips students with the skills needed to contribute to these exciting and rapidly evolving technologies.

You will gain not only knowledge and practical experience of the latest technologies, but also grounding in the underlying principles of the subject. It is this combination of skills that enable our students to keep pace with this fast moving subject, and secure rewarding careers that can be pursued almost anywhere in the world.

Different core area of our syllabus includes Programming, Networking, Electronics, Web Technologies, Project management etc. These programs are designed in such a way that the student develops a realistic understanding of technologies and acquires proficiency for successful career.

Information of the Department

The Department of Information Technology is headed by Mr. Wilson Rao with a full-time faculty Ms. Ummehani Saiyed and some senior visiting faculties. The faculty of the Department also expertise in the areas of Information Technology.

For the betterment of the Department, weekly plans are made to define how to tackle new initiative or improvements to a process.

Mr. Wilson Rao being the IT Administrator handles entire infrastructure of the college. Along with this, he is also a member of IQAC, Admission Committee, NAAC Criteria IV Member and Placement Cell. Ms. Ummehani Saiyed is also a member of Admission Committee.

Special Features

  • Ability to get relevant industrial experience as part of the degree programme.
  • Specialized certificate courses offered other than the academic curriculum.
  • Equips students with skills that are in high demand from industry
  • Many of our projects and taught modules are supported by Industry

Activities of Department

Every year the Department actively participates in a Science Exhibition titled “Xplore-The untraveled path” to create an awareness among the students on the importance of the Courses and the opportunities that the courses offers.

Computer Society being managed by the Department works on the co-curricular aspects which organizes intercollegiate tech fest named as “Cyber strike” which includes events like Gaming, Quiz’s, Debates, Various Competitions, Seminars and Workshops, etc.

Realizing that the industrial visit is considered as one of the most strategic method of teaching, the department has organized a three day trip to Pune-Mahabaleshwar for students.

By visiting companies like Ingram Micro and Bytespan Prosoftex, the students got an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment skills. They gained sufficient technical knowledge to play a key role in an IT environment and developed problem-solving and modeling skills appropriate to IT-related business operations.

Best Practices

  • Language learning skill provided to vernacular students
  • Exchange of notes and assignments through Virtual Classroom - Edusync.
  • Faculties mentoring to weaker students through special remedial lectures/tutorials.
  • Self-Learning, Peer Learning and Collaborative Learning.
  • Class Projects and Case studies
  • Incorporating Sessions of Brainstorming for active class participation.
  • To strike a balance between examinations and assessed coursework as well as providing opportunities for feedback on progress through non-assessed work.
  • Parent teacher meeting are held for students every year.

USP of the Department:

We meet quality standards that compiles without errors”

For any further clarifications please Contact: wilson.rao@jaihindcollege.edu.in



Name of the Faculty




Gandhalee Manohar

Assistant Professor


Operating system, Software Engineering and Java

Shruti Shah

Assistant Professor


Imperative Programming and Computer Graphics

Mr. B.Wilson Rao



E-Commerce & Internet Security, Java Programming

Ummehani Saiyed

Assistant Professor


Electronics & Object Oriented Programming

Ms. Bertilla Fernandes

Assistant Professor


Asp.Net With C# and Advanced SQL

Ms. Priti Shellar

Assistant Professor


Applied Mathematics and Logic & Discrete Mathematics

Visiting Faculty of Department of Information Technology
  • Ms. Sunita Jena specialized in Network Security, Web Technology and Quantitative Techniques.
  • Ms. Amita Walawalkar specialized in Linux Administration, Applied Mathematics and Computer Graphics.
  • Ms. Agnes Xavier specialized in Procedural Programming and Multimedia.
  • Mr Francis Coutinho specialized in Electronics
  • Ms Vimla Rani specialized in Microcontrollers