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Senior College - Botany

History of the Department

The department of Botany is one of the oldest department in Jai Hind College. The subject of Botany was introduced at the B.Sc. subsidiary level right from the inception of the college and subsequently was introduced as a principal/ Major subject at the B. Sc. Degree level from the year 1962. with the introduction of 10 + 2 + 3 pattern at the undergraduate level, Botany is being offered as a Major subject (6 units) along with Horticulture and gardening as an applied Component.
The department of Botany was recognized by the University of Mumbai for M. Phil., M. Sc. (Reserch) from the year 1980 and Ph.D. (Science) in the subject of Botany from the year 1984.

  1. All faculty members are Ph.D. and highly motivated towards research and improving their academic qualifications.
  2.  The only department which is recognised for Ph.D. with two research guides.

Email –id: Dr. D. P. Chachad – devangichachad@gmail.com

Activities of the Department – Details

  1. Currently the department has produced 4 Ph. D. students, two under the guidance of Dr. B. M. Tamhane (Ex-HOD) and two under the guidance of Dr. A. N. Joshi, and 3 new students have been registered, 2 under the guidance of Dr. A. N. Joshi and 1 under the guidance of Dr. S. A. Godbole
  2. Dr. Tamhane and Dr. Joshi have been members of Vigilance squad for all University  of Mumbai Examinations and also were members of LIC committee
  3. Dr. Sangeeta Godbole has been the Senate member since 2010.
  4. Most of the Teachers are Post graduate lecturers.
  5. All faculty members are examiners, paper setters or moderators for  various university exams
  6. Excursions (Local and outstation) are arranged for students in Botany and students opting for Horticulture.
  7. "Roots & Genes" the biological society of this department also organize one day workshops on Ikebana.
  8. "Roots & Genes" is holding workshop for syllabus related topics for the T. Y. BSc. And S. Y. BSc. Students so that they get hands on experience (Fruit and Vegetable Carving)
  9. "Roots & Genes" also organize one day science exhibitions where students from all biological sciences actively participate.
  10. "Roots & Genes" also organize one day excursions which are conducted for the benefit of horticulture students.
  11. "Roots & Genes" also undertakes responsibility towards creating floral decorations for various programs organized by college.
  12. During such events students of Horticulture and Botany come up with exclusive innovative designs of floral display and are greatly benefited in the process.


Faculty of the department of


Name of faculty





Dr. Mrs. A. N. Joshi

Head Of the Departmet

Associate Professor

B.Sc. M.Sc. 
Ph.D. D.H.E

Fungi and Plant 
Environmental Botany


Dr. Mrs. S. A. Godbole

Associate Professor

B.Sc. M.Sc. 

Molecular Biology


Dr. Mrs. K. D. Chawla

Associate Professor

B.Sc. M.Sc. 
Ph.D., D.H.E

Environmental Botany


Dr. Mrs. D. P. Chachad

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., M.Sc. 



Dr. P.P. Rane

Assistant Professor

B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc., PhD

Environmental Botany