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Foreign Collaborations

Carleton University

Carleton University and Jai Hind College have a special collaboration in which the Carleton University’s Canada-India Centre organizes an annual two weeks study tour for students of both universities.

Carleton University’s Canada-India Centre and Jai Hind College to offer joint certification programs in International Relations, Cyber security, Business Management, Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship. Joint programs will range from one week to four weeks in duration. This collaboration also provides short-term opportunities for faculty members to visit and teach at each other’s campus. Opportunities will be two weeks to four weeks in duration. Areas of interest could include business management, entrepreneurship, philosophy, religion, psychology, etc. This collaboration promotes start-up mobility and provides “soft-landing” opportunities to startups in Canada and India. Next batch of Annual India Study Tour organized by the Canada-India Centre, Carleton University is expected in May 2018 and Next batch of Annual Canada Study Tour organized by Jai Hind College is expected in October, 2017.


Principal Dr. Ashok Wadia’s visit to Carleton University: